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Written by vyv   
Thursday, 16 December 2010 16:30



Van Yen Vuong Telecom Services and Trading Company Limited was formed by the cooperation of a dynamic team of engineers, full of enthusiasm in the context of Vietnam 1000th anniversary of Thang Long culture. The company officially licensed establishment in November 2010 with the abbreviated name is: VYV CO., LTD.. Field operations of the company is specialized in distribution of products:

  • Cables
  • Cameras.
  • CATV products.
  • Communication products
  • Optical test equipments.
  • Optical Accessories.
  • Lightning protections.
  • UPS
  • PC Stations
  • Others etc ...

With the motto "The customer is supreme to decide the success or failure of VYV", with non-stop creativity, we are committed to exploring and maximum satisfaction of customers needs, giving customers products, unique services, comfort and the most convenience.

Operation criteria:

  • Always up to date information and prices in time to serve our customers the best.
  • We view the ability to make customer satisfaction is a measure of our successfully.
  • Customers are the supreme decision our success or failure.

Mission scenario:

Combined to the best satisfaction the needs and efforts to become a supplier of top quality products in Vietnam.

Foundation values:

Humans are great assets, is the most enduring value of VYV. Business goals achieved only when everyone worked together and work together the best way. Faith is essential in establishing all the relationships, always associated cultural foundations and the business of VYV. Equality, every individual is an owner of the company's real, live and work hard to get achievements deserve. Mutual respect, treat people the way we want to be treated again. Negative outlook will kill ourselves. Have faith and thinking, we will have a solution for every problem. Creation and sharing, let's build working environment in which all of us are feel comfortable, hard working, creative, and sharing all our best.

In the course of our development, Van Yen Vuong Telecom Services and Trading Company Limited would like to cooperate with all the manufacturers in domestic and abroad, training institutions, research centers, as well as management agencies, to bring our telecommunications industry on a development, contributing to career of modernization and industrialization of the country.


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